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January 2023

A word from the editor

Hello, and a huge welcome back to us in 2023!

How was your Christmas and New Year? Raring to go again? Good stuff!

This month has been a time to reflect on what’s been achieved over the last year, and what our plans are for 2023. We’ve been taking the time to get caught up on renewing and replacing, physically and mentally, and are looking forward to everything that is to come this year; starting with our new students joining us in February, We have a couple of places left for first year students on our midweek programme but people will have to be fast. We have an open night coming up this week and there are more details below.

Date for your diary – the 15th July is the Celebration Day for all Hull students who will be completing a whole year by Summer 2023, and last December 2022, including the Diploma in Supervision graduates and anyone who gains accrediation through us between July 2022 and July 2023. Put it in! More news to follow nearer the date as usual.

Coming up in this month’s newsletter, we have some information from the EDI committee about Holocaust Memorial Day, news of a job vacancy working with rough sleepers, an appeal from the Ethics Committee, and we are seeking your views on the set up of a new study space. Please do have a read through and get in touch if there’s anything you’d like to include in February’s newsletter.

In the meantime, you know where we are!

Joanne – Admin and Business Support

Open night

Our next Open Night is on the 12th January at 6pm to 8pm at our Holderness Road centre.

If you know someone who is interested in what we do, then please ask them to book themselves a place at: https://ellesmerecentre.co.uk/open-nights/ Spaces are limited to the capacity of the room and booking is essential.

Accessing resources – a reminder

Please can we remind you of the members website, in particular the Training Resources Page and the Video Training Tutorials page.

The Training Resources page ( https://ellesmerecentre.uk/training-resources/ ) is where you can find out how to access free and paid-for (by ECPT) journals, and also copies of selected past assignments.

The Video Training Tutorials page ( https://ellesmerecentre.uk/video-training-tutorials/ ) is where you can find video content including the welcome talk from Joanne, and the recent essay writing workshops done by Emma Pooley.

Please do familiarise (and re-familiarise) yourself with the members website as there is a host of useful information on there. If you are not registered on the members website and you think you should be, contact the office on admin@ellesmerecentre.co.uk


We also have an FAQs section on both the members website and the main (public-facing) ECPT website. These get updated as we get new queries. We welcome suggestions for these sections for questions and answers that will help new and current students and members. If you can suggest anything to add, please email joanne@ellesmerecentre.co.uk. As always, your feedback is deeply appreciated.

CPD and workshops

TA101 – Our next TA101 is coming up very soon – 11th & 12th February 2023 – it is in-class with Anita Holland at our Holderness Road centre – more information at: https://ellesmerecentre.co.uk/ta101-ellesmere-centre/

Our next online one is scheduled for July 2023. If you need to do TA101 and can’t get to Hull, then book onto this one. If we can squeeze in one earlier, then we will give you the option to move to that one instead. Early booking is advised as spaces are limited, even in virtual classrooms!  (same link as above)

Creative Skills Workshop at ECPT

Creative Skills Workshop – Friday 17th March – with CYP Practioner Helen Rowe

This workshop will look at how, as therapists, we can effectively use the arts and play in our client work.

You will get the opportunity to practise your skills in a safe and supportive environment. And you will be able to take home your very own sand tray! This will be held at our Beverley Road centre.

Find out more at: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/theellesmerecentre/786631

Working with Traumatic Stress – 10th Feb 2023

A day of looking at trauma and the impact on mental health, with Dr Jennie Ormerod, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Holderness Road.

Early bird rates available.

More information at: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/theellesmerecentre/775949

Certificate in Psychotherapeutic Tools in Mental Health

The next Mental Health Familiarisation CPD event will be held on March 2nd 2023 1.00pm – 8.00pm and will include 3 presenters Dr. Doug Ma, Consultant Psychiatrist, Humber NHS Foundation Trust,  Karoline Kur-Magee Clinical Lead, Primary Care Network & Angela Broadley Community Mental Health Nurse, Primary Care Network.  This is our Holderness Road centre.

Tickets are now available for booking at: https://buytickets.at/theellesmerecentre/775989

External events and classes

Job Vacancy with Space2BHeard  

There are two clinician positions available with Space2BHeard to work with rough sleepers at a safe space hub in Bridlington

There are 2 clinician positions available which will be employed positions at 15 hours per week per clinician. The contract is funded for 1 year so this will be the duration of your contract of employment. The positions will commence 1st April 2023 with the additional expectation that the clinicians will attend a 5-day training programme at the beginning of March 2023 which they will be paid at the salary rate to attend.

Applications will be welcomed from Counsellors, Psychotherapeutic Counsellors, and Psychotherapists. The post holder will be required to see, assess, and treat clients with presentations resulting from traumatic experiences, rough sleeping, substance abuse and relationship difficulties.

For informal discussion about this role, please contact Michelle Shanley on email: shell@s2bh.org

Please send your expression of interest with a personal statement detailing your experience along with a C.V to shell@s2bh.org  by 27th January 2023. Interviews will take place on 2nd February.

A word from the Equalities, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee

Holocaust Memorial Day is observed by 12 countries, including the UK, France and Poland, on 27th January. This is the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp in 1945, a key site in German-occupied Poland of the Nazi’s final solution to the Jewish question. This year’s theme for Holocaust Memorial Day is Ordinary People.  

The word ‘holocaust’, derived from Greek, meaning a burnt sacrifice offered to God, has been widely used to describe what happened to human beings during the II World War. It’s not only because it refers to incineration as the way of disposing of bodies on a mass scale. It also includes other groups of people – as opposed to the Hebrew word ‘shoah’ relating only to the Jewish experience- considered by Nazi propaganda as subhuman or social outsiders: Germans who were intellectually unfit, physically disabled and mentally ill; prisoners, also of war; Roma and Sinti peoples, commonly known as Gypsies; Slavs peoples (e.g. Russians, Poles, Ukrainians and Serbs); homosexual men and Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is estimated that, along with the 6 million Jewish people, 11 million members of other groups were systematically murdered in the ‘era of the Holocaust’. 

Ultimately, the Holocaust was an extremely lethal, dangerous and powerful transactional game that reinforced a self-styled superior in the ‘I’m OK’ position who projected anger, disgust and disdain onto a designated inferior or a scapegoat placing them in the ‘You are not OK’ position. ‘You are not equal to us. Your diversity, simply being you, means nothing to us. You should be excluded from society. Basically, you should not exist.’ Tragically, millions of ordinary people from various diverse groups, in order to survive, were driven or drove themselves into extraordinary situations of the Drama Triangle: they acted as persecutors, victims and rescuers, but also as bystanders. 

It’s devastating to think that those powerful messages of ‘don’t exist’ and ‘don’t be you’ that are still resonating in so many people all those years later through generational trauma, were reinforced on 24th February 2022 when Putin’s Russia invaded Ukraine. If Eric Berne was still alive today, he might have resonated with this trauma as a Jew whose ancestors came from Poland and Russia.   

On 27th January 2023, just a month away from the 1st anniversary of the Russian invasion on Ukraine, let’s think of all the ordinary people in the entire world, members of various ethnic, religious or social groups, who have been denied dignity, equality and inclusion in the name of maintaining the sense of OKness by some deeply wounded individuals. Let’s celebrate diversity! 

~ Klaudia Lubieniecka – Advanced Year 3, Member of EDI Committee

Committee news

The Training and Standards Committee (TSC) have a new email address. You can contact them directly with any queries related to their work in supporting the educational standards at ECPT – It is tsc@ellesmerecentre.uk

The Ethics Committee is looking for new members and would particularly welcome a volunteer from the wider community to complement their team. If you know of a qualified psychotherapist, ECPT qualified or otherwise,  who would be able to give some time and expertise to us on the subject of Ethics, please ask them to get in touch with the committee chair Caroline Wood. There is more about the work of the Ethics committee at https://ellesmerecentre.uk/ethics-committee-terms-of-reference/ – you can email admin@ellesmerecentre.co.uk

You can see our committee set up and learn more about the work of each of the committees at https://ellesmerecentre.uk/ecpt-committee-structure/

A huge thank you to everyone who is part of one of our committees. Your work is hugely valuable in ensuring we are providing the best for all our stakeholders, including students, trainers, members, and the wider therapy community. We appreciate you 😊

Working with Children and Young People


Led by John Bradley – the new round has been announced over on our website. Dates to be confirmed. Learn more about this popular four day course at: https://ellesmerecentre.co.uk/introduction-to-counselling-children-and-young-people/ and get in touch with us if you’d like to express your interest in this one.

CYP Specialism Post-Qualifying Diploma
Our Post-qualifying diploma in CYP for qualified adult therapists is starting again in January. If you’re a qualified counsellor or psychotherapist currently working with adults or children and young people and you’d like to undergo the training required to be able to register as a child counsellor or psychotherapist, then take a look at: https://ellesmerecentre.co.uk/cyp-specialism-post-qualifying-diploma/  Course content meets UKCP requirements. 

Infant Observation

Infant observations are a requirement of ECPT’s post-qualifying Diploma in TA & Integrative Child Psychotherapy course but can also be attended as a standalone course. The infant observation involves observing an infant and mother weekly over a two-year period beginning soon after birth until the child’s second birthday. This course provides the following benefits for professionals working with Children, Young People and/or Adults:

  • The experience provides insight into early explicit mental processes for both therapists and clients, an invaluable experience for those who work with complex presentations.
  • Provides a unique opportunity for therapists to sharpen and extend observational skills and analytic capacity.
  • Learn first-hand how a relationship develops between babies, carers and other family members/friends.
  • An opportunity to observe how babies grow physically, mentally and emotionally providing insight into early years.

The course runs from January to December.  As well as attending weekly observation study with mum and baby, you will join a group online, once a month over 11mths to discuss each member of the group’s observations. Completion of a written assignment based on your overall experience completes the requirements. On satisfactory completion of all requirements participants are awarded a Certificate. 

For further information and/or to submit an application to join the group in January please email sara@ellesmerecentre.co.uk

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