We highly recommend undertaking TA101 to anyone interested in psychotherapy, counselling, or transactional analysis. TA101 is an internationally recognised certificate which is standard for those wanting to further their training in transactional analysis based psychotherapy and in psychotherapeutic counselling. We do accept and recognise TA101 certificates from other accredited training centres as it is an agreed standard.

TA101 is an essential part of our Core Theory year and can be done during the first year with us or before. If you are thinking of applying to our counselling or psychotherapy training courses then completing TA101 will give you a head start and help you decide whether our training is right for you before taking the plunge.

TA101 via The Ellesmere Centre

The Ellesmere Centre Certificate in Transactional Analysis TA 101

The TA 101 is a certificated course which last two days. In those two days we look at the philosophy, theory and application of Transactional Analysis as a tool of social psychology, development and communication in both personal and professional settings.

This includes the concepts of:

  • Ego state theory (How we can function from a Parent, Adult, Child way of thinking, feeling and behaving).
  • Transactions (Understanding how we communicate with others and the impact this has on our relationships).
  • Script and games theory (How we can find ourselves in familiar patterns of relating and making life choices that have been useful as a way of coping but may not be the most effective and even destructive in our adult lives).

TA is applicable to counselling and psychotherapy, coaching and professional development, businesses and organisations and educational settings.

Whilst there is a strong theoretical element to the two day training it is an experiential course. We are sure you will find these two days of training interesting, stimulating, and useful.


The Ellesmere Centre for Psychotherapy, 861 Holderness Road, Hull, HU8 9BA or ONLINE. Please see details below


All TA101 2-day courses are £185 inc. vat per person

Dates and times

July 2022
Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd July at ECPT, Holderness Road, Hull – 10am to 4.30pm – with Anita Holland – You can book a place for this weekend at https://buytickets.at/theellesmerecentre/617273

August 2022
Saturday 6th August & Sunday 7th August ONLINE – 10am to 4.30pm – with Kathie Hostick – you can book this one at: https://buytickets.at/theellesmerecentre/617275

September 2022
Thursday 29th & Friday 30th September – at ECPT, Holderness Road, Hull – 10am to 4.30pm – with Anita Holland. Book this one at: https://buytickets.at/theellesmerecentre/617274