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May 2023

A word from the editor

Rain Rain Go Away!

It’s been a wet one this month! Hopefully everyone’s gardens are all the richer for it! And yes,I mean that in both the physical and metaphorical sense! 🙂

In this month’s newsletter, we have exciting new dates from John Bradley re: Children and Young People
training, as well as upcoming CPD. Lauren is also settling in nicely in the Ellesmere Office and has sent a few words to introduce herself. The EDI Committee have a new perspective for us to consider and there’s cause for celebration at Holderness Road!

Thank you to everyone’s input and interest for the Newsletter!

Wishing you a great month ahead 😊
Hayley Johnson – ECPT Newsletter and Social Media Support


Hi there everyone!

I’m Lauren and I have well and truly landed in the Ellesmere office! It has been
great meeting so many of you already at both Holderness Road and Beverley
Road! As you can imagine I haven’t been short of things to do and I am looking
forward to being part of Ellesmere’s inspirational future. For all your admin
questions my email is lauren@ellesmerecentre.co.uk If ever you need to speak to me in person I work Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays.

In between those days you can find me allotment or heading off in my camper van!


  • 20th May – Group Therapy Marathon (at Holderness Road)
  • 8th & 9th June – TA101 (at Holderness Road)
  • 26th and 27th June – Family Systems and TA with Enid Welford (at Holderness Road)
  • 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th July – TA101 (online)
  • 15th July 2023 – Celebration Day (Kathie’s Garden)


TA101  – The next in class TA101 is on the 8th & 9th June with Anita Holland at Holderness Road.

Our next online one is scheduled for July 2023. If you need to do TA101 and can’t get to Hull, then book onto this one. If we can squeeze in one earlier, then we will give you the option to move to that one instead. Early booking is advised as spaces are limited, even in virtual classrooms! 

To book either of these, please visit https://ellesmerecentre.co.uk/ta101-ellesmere-centre/

Family Systems and Transactional Analysis

The focus of this 2 day workshop is the interface between TA and Family Constellations, and the way that embracing both can enhance clinical work.

The workshop will be theoretical and experiential, and participants will have the opportunity to bring personal issues to apply to this approach.

Book Here: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/theellesmerecentre/869636

Children and Young People – JOHN BRADLEY  

Hello everyone,

I am offering another Introduction to Counselling Children and Young People course at the centre in September / October 2023.

The weblink is: Introduction to Counselling Young People 2023 – The Ellesmere Centre for Psychotherapy Training

The Ticket tailor link is: Buy tickets – Introduction to Counselling Young People 2023 – The Ellesmere Centre for Psychotherapy Training, Sat 23 Sep 2023 9:30 AM – Sun 22 Oct 2023 5:00 PM (tickettailor.com)

This short course was designed by BACP for counselling / psychotherapy students to give them some additional skills before they start a children and young people placement. 

Best wishes


Course Summary:

Weekend 1:

Child and adolescent development and transitions ( a quick tour of Erik Erikson’s model / Dan Seigel’s work about adolescent brain development development / Bowlby’s attachment theory and how it looks in school)

Communication with children and young people (discussing age & developmentally appropriate language / in addition to talking other methods of communication such as play & creativity)

Mental Health with children and young people (how is CYP mental health classified / how does poor mental health develop. e.g. ACE’s)

Risk Assessment (Capacity & Consent – Fraser Guidelines / Gillick Competency / exploring examples of risks and protective factors / appropriate risks for children and young people)

Weekend 2:

Ethics and the Rights of Children and Young People (the ethical principles / examples of what BACP ethical framework says about working with children and young people / Peter Jenkins work about the rights of CYP)

Child Protection and Safeguarding

Context (voluntary/community settings & school counselling) (what impact the setting has on the counselling. e.g. client confidentiality in a school setting)

Beginnings and Endings (examples of contracting with children and young people / different types of endings)

Conference Committee

In preparation for the ECPT Conference the Committee are looking to make contact with businesses interested
in promoting their services and products via sponsorship opportunities. If you know someone in your network
who would be interested please help us spread the word! Here are our packages and contact info:


“But you don’t look sick” A personal reflection on Non-Visible Illnesses
1 in 5 people in the UK live with a disability or illness that significantly affects their daily living.

It is estimated that 80% of these are non-visible. Non-visible illness is an umbrella term that
includes mental health conditions, sensory processing difficulties, cognitive impairments and
non-visible ‘physical’ conditions such as respiratory issues and chronic illness.

You may have heard these types of conditions be called ‘hidden disabilities’ or ‘invisible
illness’, however, labelling in this way can often be detrimental to the efforts to de-stigmatise.
The term ‘hidden’ could suggest the person suffering is actively trying not to show their
disability. Whereas, calling it ‘invisible’, could potentially erase the legitimacy of the

Those with a non-visible illness often face a lack of social awareness and additional stigma.
They experience scepticism and sometimes even accusations that their condition isn’t as
bad as they make out, simply because the symptoms are not always observable. The irony
here, is that when those with non-visible illness are having a bad day or a flare up, when
they are shrivelled up in bed, waiting for an IV at the hospital or with their head in the toilet,
all situations I have been in, then the conditions ugly head can be seen quite clearly.

I have my own experience of living with a non-visible illness. Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome
(CVS) is an unexplained disorder of children and adults that is characterised by recurrent,
prolonged attacks of severe nausea, vomiting, and prostration with no apparent cause.
During an episode, I am bed bound and cannot eat. I become very dehydrated and often in a
dazed, confused state due to severe dehydration. It takes a few days to recover from an
episode but after that, I return to normal wellness. Whilst most of my employers, friends and
peers have been sympathetic towards my condition, I have, at times, been faced with
scepticism, especially around the severity of the vomiting and the triggers. “You don’t look
sick”…“Is it something you’ve eaten?”…“You must know what it is”. It is not uncommon for
me to experience feelings of shame, embarrassment and guilt surrounding my condition.
Whilst social awareness of non-visible illnesses is growing, in my experience there is still
limited representation for those who fall into this category within society, education and
employment. I believe the responsibility to improve the representation sits not only with the
Government, HR departments and EDI committees, but also with those of us who have a
non-visible illness. We need to share our stories and discuss our experiences to help
educate others.

Further information on Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome can be found at https://cvsa.org.uk


Hi everyone, in case we haven’t met, my name is Gemma Wardell.  As a  UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist, Trainer, and a Supervisor, I am excited to have some availability to offer one-to-one supervision sessions. I have various sessions available, and I am happy to negotiate a mutually agreeable time/day and frequency.

All supervision hours can be counted towards your qualification and accreditation.

If you would like to explore this supervision opportunity further, I would be very happy to offer an initial call/meeting to discuss your requirements and explore the possibility of us working together.

Please email me at: gemma@ellesmerecentre.co.uk


You are invited to celebrate the retirement of Lesley Ray – the first ever student at Ellesmere many moons ago!

Come and celebrate and share memories at The Ellesmere Centre on Holderness Road at 3PM on Friday 2nd June.

We also have an FAQs section on both the members website and the main (public-facing) ECPT website. These get updated as we get new queries. We welcome suggestions for these sections for questions and answers that will help new and current students and members. If you can suggest anything to add, please email admin@ellesmerecentre.co.uk. As always, your feedback is deeply appreciated.

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