Ellesmere Counselling and Psychotherapy Training Newsletter

March 2023

A word from the editor

Well, Hello There!

A very big wave from me! My name is Hayley and as of this week I have the honour of editing the ECPT Newsletter each month. February was a month of endings and beginnings at Holderness Road. As many of you know we said Goodbye to Joanne Brady from the ECPT Admin and Business Support Team. Joanne has moved on to a new role and we wish her all the best! Kathie has have a few words below regarding Joanne’s departure and what that means for Ellesmere.

We did however welcome our Midweek Groups back for the next year in their training journey! Welcome back everyone and a special hello to our new Core Theory students!

In this month’s newsletter, we also have an article from Anandi Nathu on the ED&I committee highlighting Endometriosis Awareness Month, spotlight on upcoming CPD courses, request for your input and support on Social Media and an Erotic Transference research survey request from our 2nd and 3rd Year Advanced Students.

If you have any jobs you’d like to share with our students and members, please let us know.

Don’t forget! Conference – it’s coming. We have reserved a local venue. Put the date of the 21st
October 2023 in your diary and wait for news. Tickets will be on sale very soon.

Wishing you a great month ahead

Hayley Johnson – ECPT Newsletter and Social Media Support


  • 17th March – CPD – Creative Skills Workshop (at Beverley Road) – SOLD OUT
  • 11th April -Therapeutic Skills Practice Session ( at Holderness Road)
  • 12th May – CPD – Compassion Fatigue for Those Who Work with Stress (at Holderness Road)
  • 8th & 9th June – TA101 (at Holderness Road )
  • 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th July – TA101 (online)
  • 15th July 2023 – Celebration Day (venue TBC)


I am sure you will agree that Joanne has been a fantastic resource for us all and a diligent and committed staff member. We are very sad to lose her. Her last day was a respectful goodbye, and we will most definitely miss her.

On that note we are in the process of recruiting and have already allocated some aspects of the job to others. It is our aim to have things on track as soon as possible and of course we already have a number of valuable ECPT training team staff members who will hold the fort along with myself, Mike, Gemma and Trev all with our different contributions.

We hope to provide the necessary holding to our students and members and hope you
can bear with us whilst we get people and systems in place.
If students can make contact with your tutors as usual for training related business and contact me directly or email the admin email address with any other queries or concerns, Either me or the admin team will respond as soon as we can or pass your query onto the relevant people.

We will keep you updated with any changes within our staff team or processes via email and through our ECPT newsletter.

Many thanks,
Kathie Hostick and the ECPT Team


As well as being the Newsletter Editor, I am enjoying spinning the various social media plates!

My aim is to build a community that is as warm and vibrant as the in person community at The Ellesmere
Centre. You can be a part of that by liking our posts, adding your comments and even better sending in your own content showing any aspect of your Ellesmere experience! It’s a great way to stay connected, up to date and welcome others on their TA Journey!

If you haven’t already, join us on the different platforms including facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter @EllesmereCentre!

See you there!



Erotic Transference Questionnaire – calling all counsellors and psychotherapists!

We are a group of advanced 2nd and 3rd year trainee psychotherapist students, working on a group presentation exploring power, potency and persecution in the therapy room.

We are keen to explore the opinions of fellow trainee and qualified counsellors and psychotherapists on erotic transference and plan to present our findings during our presentation. The findings of this questionnaire will be shared only with fellow students and tutors who will witness our group

If you would like to take part, anonymously, in this short questionnaire, please follow the Link


Therapeutic Skills Practice Sessions – facilitated by Jo Gibson – Tue 11th Apr 2023 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM at The Ellesmere Centre – Holderness Road 

Are you a student wanting to develop your counselling and therapy skills? If so, these skills practice sessions are for you.   Find out more and book your place at: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/theellesmerecentre/875582

Compassion Fatigue for those who work with distress – with Dr Jennie Ormerod – on the 12th May. Early bird tickets available until the end of April.  

This workshop is about creating a space for workers to reflect on themselves and develop strategies to be able to continue their work as effectively as possible in the future. 

Find out more and book your place at: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/theellesmerecentre/775957  

TA101  – The next in class TA101 is on the 8th & 9th June with Anita Holland at Holderness Road.  

Our next online one is scheduled for July 2023. If you need to do TA101 and can’t get to Hull, then book onto this one. If we can squeeze in one earlier, then we will give you the option to move to that one instead. Early booking is advised as spaces are limited, even in virtual classrooms!   

To book either of these, please visit https://ellesmerecentre.co.uk/ta101-ellesmere-centre/  


The HIPC assessment board are looking for new assessors to join them in carrying out Organisational Member Reviews. You would need to be an accredited psychotherapist to join the assessment board. If you are interested, please contact Yvonne Pritchard Yvonne.pritchard@ukcp.org.uk for further information.

The UKCP EDI Committee are seeking new members from within the full UKCP membership, including
students, trainee and full clinical practitioners. If you are interested, please contact UKCP directly for further information https://www.psychotherapy.org.uk/contact-us/


March is Endometriosis Awareness Month, a time to increase understanding and awareness
around this condition.

Endometriosis affects an estimated 1.5 million women in the UK, which is around 10% of women of reproductive age. It takes an average of 7.5 years to get a diagnosis of endometriosis in the UK (Endometriosis UK). Apart from the physical symptoms of endometriosis, such as severe pain and heavy bleeding, it is also important to highlight the significant impact it can have on mental health.

Endometriosis is a condition in which tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside
of it, causing inflammation, scarring, and pain.

These physical symptoms can be challenging to manage, but they are often accompanied by significant psychological and emotional distress. Research has found that people with endometriosis are more likely to experience anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions compared to those without the condition.

The impact of endometriosis on mental health is often overlooked, and many people with the condition may not receive the support they need. This can be especially true for those from marginalised communities who may face additional barriers in accessing mental health care. For example, people of colour, LGBTQ+ people, and those with disabilities or chronic illnesses may experience stigma, discrimination, or a lack of culturally appropriate care.

Despite these challenges, women with endometriosis refuse to give up. They become endo warriors, fighting through the pain and spreading awareness about the condition. Endo warriors are those who refuse to let endometriosis control their lives. They continue to work, socialise, and pursue their dreams despite the pain. They are brave and resilient, speaking out about their experiences and advocating for better healthcare for people with endometriosis.

Let us continue to spread awareness and understanding of endometriosis during this month, and throughout the year, to help those living with this condition receive the support and care they deserve.

Anandi Nathu- Advanced Year 2 Student at ECPT
Member of EDI Committee


If you have any jobs you’d like to share with our students, please do get in touch


Please can we remind you of the members website, in particular the Training Resources Page and the Video Training Tutorials page.
The Training Resources page ( https://ellesmerecentre.uk/training-resources/ ) is where you can find out how to access free and paid-for (by ECPT) journals, and also copies of selected past assignments.

The Video Training Tutorials page ( https://ellesmerecentre.uk/video-training-tutorials/ ) is where you can find video content including the welcome talk from Joanne, and the recent essay writing workshops done by Emma Pooley.

Please do familiarise (and re-familiarise) yourself with the members website as there is a host of useful
information on there. If you are not registered on the members website and you think you should be, contact the office on admin@ellesmerecentre.co.uk

We also have an FAQs section on both the members website and the main (public-facing) ECPT website. These get updated as we get new queries. We welcome suggestions for these sections for questions and answers that will help new and current students and members. If you can suggest anything to add, please email admin@ellesmerecentre.co.uk. As always, your feedback is deeply appreciated.

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