We held the “Working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse” workshop at the Ellesmere centre today. This was an intimate group which lent itself to the sensitive content of the workshop. There was a variety of experience and backgrounds of group members which made for some interesting and informative discussions. Everyone had a lot to contribute and before we knew it we were completing the final exercise and checking out.

Whilst preparing for this workshop I became aware of how much material I was putting together and how I was focused on getting it right. I realised I was feeling some anxiety about the sensitivity of the subject and wanted to give enough to the participants. This was a really significant insight for me as I think this often parallels what it is like for us when working with issues of abuse. We can frequently feel an urgency to make it better and get it right. We can certainly become focused on the legalities and competencies of this type of work and this may not be the most effective response for the adults, young people and children with whom we work. I think sharing my personal experience of running this workshop provided a good foundation for honesty and openness to which the group members certainly signed up.

I really appreciated and enjoyed the passion and investment, different approaches and individual personalities which all influenced an enjoyable and productive day.