By Jo Gibson, ECPT graduate

Therapeutic Skills Practice Sundays

On Sunday 27th Feb 2022, we started the monthly therapeutic skills practice sessions at our Beverley Road centre. The session and was attended by six ECPT students from both weekend and weekday groups. For many of the students this was the first time they had visited the Beverley Road Centre, so it was great opportunity to show off the facilities here and make use of the therapy rooms.

After grabbing a coffee and settling into the room we started with a check in and finding out what everyone wanted from the day. This included building confidence when working with clients, being able to use TA theory in sessions, developing therapeutic skills and learning from peers.

As this was the first session the focus was on the skills and qualities that make a good therapist. We spent some time looking at the process individuals will go through when learning a new skill and the different stages of competence in the learning loop.

We had a small group discussion about the skills and qualities needed to be a therapist, and lots of great ideas and suggestions were put forward. We then moved into smaller groups and discussed this in more detail looking at active listening, non-verbal communication, the importance of questions and silences, the 3 P’s, strokes and maintaining the “I’m ok, you’re ok “relationship during therapy session. 

In the afternoon, there was the opportunity for students to practice their therapeutic skills and try out some of the skills we discussed earlier in the day. These sessions gave the students the chance to experience different ways of working with clients, and the opportunity to offer some valuable feedback to each other. During the day, I saw some great examples of active listening, open questioning, strokes and therapy skills in the skills sessions.

I really enjoyed delivering the workshop and meeting some of the students who are currently studying at Ellesmere Counselling and Psychotherapy Training.

Feedback on the day includes:

For me working with peers from the weekend group was especially helpful. Not only learning from watching them in action but also receiving supportive feedback from them (they are 6 months further on in their training) and yourself gave me more confidence straight away”.

It was brilliant!”

A space provided that was well held. I met some lovely new people and I learnt a lot on the day and in my reflections.  I am looking forward to the next one!”

All in all, it was a great day.

Our next session is taking place on Sunday the 24th April at our Holderness Road centre and will follow a similar format. To book a place on this or subsequent sessions, please visit: