As training providers for counselling and psychotherapy courses, we are hugely interested in mental health and wellness provision in our local community. Today, we are looking at Life Skills Hub, a local organisation which provides specialist support to schools and health care organisations to improve outcomes for children and young people as well as supervision, specialist SEND tuition, employability for 16-25, Therapeutic Centre and 1-1 Outreach for young people struggling with mental health.

We asked Elly Gay, Life Skills Hub’s Services Manager to tell us more.

Hi Elly, please can you tell me about Life Skills Hub and what you do?

Life Skills Hub offer a wide range of specialist interventions from play therapy through to a person-centred counselling approach. We believe a tailored approach to each individual is paramount and we offer a person-centred way of working.

We pride ourselves on making a true difference in developing the resilience skills of the young people we work with and offering outstanding opportunities for staff to upskill their knowledge & expertise. Life Skills Hub offer a wealth of experience using specialist skills to truly make a difference. With us, relationship building is key!

Life Skills hub launched with the passion of working with children and young people with social, emotional and mental health needs, with a view to improving wellbeing, resilience and life skills.

‍Through our School Outreach Service, we work with primary and secondary aged students across a range of schools across Hull and East Riding, across mainstream and specialist settings. We provide targeted interventions, 1-1 and small group, especially in attendance, safeguarding, SEND and inclusion. We offer robust support to parents and carers of the young people we are working with. We keep carefully managed recording and monitoring documentation.‍

We are a local company, with local knowledge, using specialist education & therapeutic skills.

We set up the School Readiness Project for students who are experiencing difficulties attending school due to complex social emotional and mental health needs. Our students often experience high anxieties and do not display outward challenging behaviours or physical aggression.

Our students come to us part-time or full time to undertake specialist wellbeing interventions 1-1 or small group, to improve their wellbeing, identify specific needs, develop their social and life skills. We collaborate closely with families, students or professionals using a person centred approach.

Our students often have a low attendance or are not quite ready for school, or they may be transitioning between education settings. Our Employability & Business Skills Course isspecifically for students aged 14 to 25 years old at our planned employability centre. We provide experienced industry professionals to co-work and support students to gain practical experiences of working in a business environment. Students are given the opportunity to sample a number of key employability and industry areas, so they become clearer on their goals or improve the skill set on current goals/ambitions.

Our Specialist SEND Tuition Service complements Life Skills Hub therapeutic services and is available as a bolt on to our other services or independently.  This is delivered by trained teachers from Early Years to Post -16.

What sort of organisations do you work with?

We work with organisations who support young people who experiencing difficulties and barriers to developing into independent, capable young people, such as CAMHS, SEND, LA, KIDS, SENDIAS, school and academy trusts, Early Help, Befriending services, Virtual Schools, Specialist Settings, Educational psychologists, social workers, school nurses, educational welfare officers, and anyone who is responsible for a young person who is struggling with their mental health and not engaging with an educational pathway.

Can a child or a young person work with you directly?

All our work is based on face-to-face support with the young person. When someone enquires on our website, we have an in-depth conversation with the person who has contacted us and then we discuss with our specialists what their package of support needs to look like. This is immediate and completely designed around the needs of the individual. No one package looks the same. We review progress regularly and redesign the bespoke package when the young person is ready to use more of our services. We normally start with 1-1 support, building the trust and support of the young person and starting to engage them with the community around them.

What does a typical day look like for you?

We have a lot happening on a daily and weekly basis!

We offer a bespoke package of interventions which can be 1-1 in the home, in the community, in school, at the Therapeutic centre. The Theraplay activities we do include…..
– Lego therapy
– Comfort-approach dog sessions
– Creative arts sessions including: ‘wacky art’, singing lessons (1-1 tuition available) & drama games
– Creative writing
– Sensory play
– Specialist social clubs
– Attachment & Relational loss
– Person centred planning
– Targeted emotional resilience
– ‘Finding me’ – self awareness workshops
– Safety planning
– Specific social interaction & communication sessions
– Emotional regulation support
– Preparation for change/transition
– Attention/concentration
– Problem solving & ‘I can do’ challenge

You have a few counsellors and psychotherapists on your team. Do you find there is high demand for counselling for children and young people in the East Yorkshire area?

We have numerous referrals coming in each week, from parents, schools, different care services, for children and young people who are in need of our immediate and specialist support.

What plans do Life Skills Hub have for the future?

In two years, the company has grown from two people to over 30! We are constantly evolving and reviewing our holistic and wraparound support for young people and their families. At the moment, we are developing our services to include support for parents and engaging with new partnerships all the time. Demand is constantly growing, and we hope to keep developing our offers and the spaces where we can support our young people.

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