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No 2023

Inside this edition!  

  • A message from Kathie on Valued Minds 
  • CPD & Training Opportunities 
  • Admin updates  
  • Article from EDI Committee 
  • ECPT & UKCP Membership 

A word from the new editor…. 

Hello 👋 I am excited to introduce myself as the new editor of the monthly newsletter. I think you’ll all agree, the former editor Hayley Johnson did a grand job and I know I have big shoes to fill. But I do love a challenge! The newsletter has always been a source of valuable information, inspiration, and connection for me, so it is an honor to join the Ellesmere community of readers and contributors. I hope to bring some fresh perspectives and even more engaging content. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable in shaping the newsletter. Please feel free to reach out to me at ben_bradshaw_@outlook.com with your ideas, comments, or even just to say hello. Together, we can continue make this a valuable resource and one that reflects the spirit of the Ellesmere community.  

Warm regards,  

Ben Bradshaw 

Newsletter Editor 

CPD & Training Opportunities 

Creative Skills Workshop 

This experiential day will include: 

  • Gaining a theoretical and practical understanding of using creativity to work therapeutically 
  • Using the sand tray to explore the inner world 
  • Using Matryoshka (Russian) nesting dolls to explore the self 
  • Using metaphor, with the focus on fairy tales, as a therapeutic relationship tool 

You will get the opportunity to practise your skills in a safe and supportive environment. And you will be able to take home your very own sand tray! 

Facilitator: Helen Rowe – Experienced Children and Young people Therapist and supervisor. 

I am excited to be running this workshop at Ellesmere. I work therapeutically with young people from the age of four years old. I am also an experienced special needs teacher, having worked in various school and NHS settings. 



The TA 101 is a certificated course which lasts two days. 

In those two days we look at the philosophy, theory and application of Transactional Analysis as a tool of social psychology, development and communication in both personal and professional settings. 

This includes the concepts of: Ego state theory (How we can function from a Parent, Adult, Child way of thinking, feeling and behaving). Transactions (Understanding how we communicate with others and the impact this has on our relationships). Script and games theory (How we can find ourselves in familiar patterns of relating and making life choices that have been useful as a way of coping but may not be the most effective and even destructive in our adult lives). 

Anita is a practising Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Trainer, PTSTA (P) Clinical Hypnotherapist NICPH and Integrative Counsellor Dip. Couns with over 20 year’s clinical experience. 


A message from our Accreditation Lead 

Hello to all of our students! 


As this is the beginning of the academic year for many of our students, I wanted to take this opportunity to provide some information about membership. 

As a student with ECPT you have free membership throughout your time in training with us. It is important that you create a membership log in to access the member’s website where you can find resources, policies and information to support your learning journey. Follow this link to set this up. https://ellesmerecentre.uk/ 

Additionally, you may want to join UKCP separately. There are two levels of membership available to our students:student and trainee membership. UKCP define student members as in training but not yet started in clinical practice. Once a student begins a placement they would be classed as a trainee member. In previous years, student membership was free but from 1st October UKCP are introducing a £24 annual membership fee. The cost for trainee membership is £74. Separate membership with UKCP is optional so please check their website to find out the benefits of this membership to inform your choice. https://www.psychotherapy.org.uk/ukcp-members/ 

UKCP Bursary 

Each year UKCP offers bursaries for students. There is a short window to apply for these which usually falls around the beginning of June each year. ECPT admin team will send out a reminder to students around May time when UKCP publishes the application dates window so look out for this if you are interested. 

Best wishes for your ongoing journey with us. 

Cherry – Accreditation Lead 

A message from Kathie on Valued Minds recent achievement! 

We are delighted to share that Valued Minds were voted Team of the Year at the Time 2 Volunteer Awards. A remarkable achievement and very well deserved. 

We cannot acknowledge the growth of this service without reference to all our student Psychotherapeutic Counsellors and Psychotherapists and our gratitude for what they contribute. 

Most of you reading this will know my interest and passion has always been mental health and accessible services for all. It was in response to this interest that Valued Minds was founded and developed in 2012 by Trish Gillie, one of our own psychotherapy students at the time and me. 

Valued Minds has been through several transitions over the years and Hayley Jackson and Mary Perry, both students at the time, took the reins from Trish who after so much commitment was ready to step down. They went on to further expand the service and even more students signed up. 

Valued Minds are now a valuable part of mental health service provision within S2BH (now a CIC) by the clinical director Michelle Shanley. More recently Hayley Johnson has become the first volunteer coordinator of the service bringing a new energy and great ideas. 

Congratulations to all of the team at Valued Minds, S2BH and of course our student volunteers. 

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee 

Suicide contagion & the importance of language when writing about suicide online 

Content Warning: This article discusses themes of suicide

We are all social beings, so it is not surprising that who or what we are exposed to within our society significantly impacts our understanding of the world and in turn can affect our subsequent behaviours. Suicide contagion refers to the phenomenon where suicides in a community or group can lead to an increase in suicidal behaviours and attempts among others who are exposed to the news or details. In a modern world full of mobile phones and social media, news travels quickly, and stories linked to suicide are getting more coverage than ever before. None more so than celebrities and figures of public interest. Caroline Flack, Nikki Graham and Jamal Edwards being some of the latest celebrities to dominate the headlines. It is suggested that these high profile cases can and have spurred an increase in suicide cases. According to the British Medical Journal, “Reporting of celebrity suicide appeared to increase the number of suicides by 8-18% in the next 1-2 months [following the suicide]…and information on method of suicide was associated with an increase of 18-44% in the risk of suicide by the same method.” Whilst constant exposure to high-profile suicide cases does not predict contagion for everyone; it is speculated that those individuals who are already vulnerable or at risk for self-harm would be the most susceptible to these effects. It would be detrimental to the cause of suicide prevention to stop discussing suicides, we have come too far to step away from the awareness; however, it is important to consider how we are being exposed to the sensitive nature of the topic and in particular the langauge that we use. 

The Samaritans are passionate about about highlighting the importance of healthy discussion around suicide and provide some insightful suggestions on their website about how best to approach the subject when writing about it online. Here are a few of their recommendations. Content Warnings – If posting content about suicide, whether this be on social media or an article for a blog, when possible add a content warning. This will help those who may be sensitive to the subject make an informed choice about whether they want to continue reading. Sensitive Language – Avoid phrases such as “committed suicide” which makes the act sound like a criminal act. 1964 saw the last two offenders sanctioned by capital punishment and the stigma faced today can be traced back historically to the guilt, prosecution for an offence and death. Times have moved on and our language should reflect that. It is also advised to avoid language that suggests suicide is quick, painless, or a solution to a problem. Tributes – The Samaritans believe it’s important to remember those who have died, however it is suggested that we avoid phrases such as “they are in a better place now”, which could be perceived in a way that the person may have achieved something through suicide. Finally, it is deemed important to share stories of hope and positivity of those who have overcome a crisis and recovered. This could encourage vulnerable people to seek help and perhaps consider a future in which they may feel differently                      Written by Ben Bradshaw 


We are pleased to be working with iDeal 4Finance to offer new finance options to our students. iDeal 4 Finance are a reputable company with excellent service reviews on Trustpilot: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.ideal4finance.com For more information visit their website or alternatively you can contact the ECPT admin team. Ideal4finance.com 

Team Admin Updates from Lauren and Stacey! 

This is Lauren and Stacey from our fabulous administration team! I’m sure most of you have all met or at least contacted these lovely individuals but for any new students reading this – these two are the glue that keeps the organisation going and always super helpful. 

  • Lauren and Stacey have recently updated their working hours – Stacey is now working 4 hours a day Mon-Fri and Lauren Mon-Thurs (Wed at Bev Road) 
  • Lauren has given the Holderness Road office a makeover and think you’ll agree it looks fresh and very professional. Is there anything she cannot do? 

A message from the Ethics Committee 

A message from our ECPT Ethics Committee on their recent ‘Is it Ethical?’ Workshop which was a great success! “The Ethics Workshop was a lovely evening filled with cheese, drink and great company discussing a range of concerns which can occur within therapeutic relationships. All attendees were fantastic and showed an interest in both the ethical dilemmas as well as joining the Ethics Committee.” – Sara, ECPT Ethics Committee Member  

Shout out to our attendees looking proud with their certificates! 

The Ethics Committee can be contacted by emailing ethics@ellesmerecentre.co.uk 

ECPT Newcastle 

Some things to shout about in October:  

  • Nicole Addis is presenting a workshop at the Humber Conference – “Letting the body speak so the mind truly hears” 
  •  Nicole Addis is delivering exciting new training for Cygnus Charity who many of the Newcastle students have now gone on placement with.  
  • PEEL’s collaboration with the charity Us young mental health.  
  • There are now two years training at Newcastle – Photos are of the Core Theory Year on their last day of training in July. 

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