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July 2022

A word from the editor

Hello! How are you?
And breathe…… we are pretty much there. Hands up if you’ve finished for the year. Hands up if you’re coming back for more in September. We’re honoured to have you back.

There’s still a lot going on here despite the commencement of the traditional summer downtime. We have some new CPD on the horizon, and there’s lots of planning going on for the celebration event. We’ve been talking to an ECPT graduate about their chosen career path, and we’re also booking up for the Diploma in Counselling Supervision and John Bradley’s popular Introduction to Counselling Children and Young People which start off very soon.

It’s not too late to apply for a bursary from UKCP for this year but you must be quick! We’re also trundling
along with organising our first conference in October, though most of the organising at the moment is not wanting to wish the time away before we get to it. We have a lot of excited conference go-ers here.

Shall I see you at the celebration event? In the meantime, you know where we are if you need us.

Joanne – Admin and Business Support

UKCP Bursaries

Applications to the 2022 UKCP student bursary are now open at….

*** Applications close on the 11th July! ***

From experience, this can be a slow process and ECPT will need to provide a supporting statement with every application so please do get on this as soon as possible. If you’re not already registered directly with UKCP then you need to do that now as you will need a member number to complete your application. UKCP are particularly welcoming applications from students who belong to a group that are typically under-represented in therapy and counselling

Guidelines for Counting Hours

We have updated our guidance for counting hours for clinical work, therapy, supervision, and classroom time.

Please take a look at https://ellesmerecentre.uk/handbook-guidelines-for-counting-hours/

This is available on the members website in the Policy and Procedures section, along with the APL policy.

Celebration Day

Thank you to everyone who has RSVP’d to the event. It is helping us to ascertain numbers so we can set
timings, and we are hoping to do that very soon.

If you have not yet RSVP’d please do so – instructions of how to do this were included in the email invitation you should have already received. If not, please email us ASAP and we can resend.
For those who are coming…..don’t forget you’ll need to bring a sweet or savoury dish to share, any special
drinks you would like, and a chair or picnic blanket. If you’ve already received your end of year certificate and would like to be officially presented with it at the event, please bring it back with you.

See you there!


Are you a qualified or trainee therapist who uses Transactional Analysis as their theoretical approach?

How has the Covid19 pandemic affected you?
Can you spare 10 minutes to participate in a research study exploring the effect of the Covid19 pandemic on clinical practice and training? The study will be exploring themes such as job satisfaction, acceptance and use of technology, perceived stress, and resilience. It will also explore how therapists intend to work as the restrictions ease.

Participants will have been in supervised clinical practice or on clinical placement for at least 6 months
between March 2020 and April 2022 and will have worked with clients in an online environment. You can
access the study via an online questionnaire, which takes under 10 minutes to complete:

Up to 10 participants are further invited to be interviewed via Zoom providing further perspectives for the
study. If you would like to participate in a 20-minute interview, you can leave an expression of interest here:


This study is being carried out by David Linford-Smith, a post-graduate student at Northumbria University. This study has received ethical approval from the Northumbria University Ethics Board (45321).

New Blog Post

This month, we’ve been talking to ECPT graduate Emma Pooley about her chosen path of working in her own private practice. It’s an interesting read and always good to know where people go after they leave the ECPT nest.

You can read the post at:
If you’re interested in working in private practice, then Emma is running a workshop in September which may be of interest. See the CPD and Workshops section below for more information.

CYP Post-Qualifying Diploma

There is increased interest in the psychological and emotional health of children and young people in
understanding how important a factor this is for their future wellbeing. As qualified adult therapists, are you interested in diversifying your skill base and opening up additional work opportunities?

Those of you who have received diplomas would have the entry requirements to join CYP Advanced training group working towards the CYP – Post Qualifying Specialist Diploma in Integrative & TA Psychotherapy.

There may be elements of the Adult training (ie Mental Health Placement) or previous CYP clinical experience that you could be able to APL (up to 50%) as long as this meets UKCP criteria. Any application for APL can be looked at on an individual basis.

Each year runs from January to December. The course is a mixture of midweek online evening and face to face training days with a 3-day weekend once a year, total training hours 150 each year. The programme includes infant observation providing a rich insight into the life of a baby from birth up to 2 years old. This course is offered as a co-creative, bespoke post-qualifying training programme tailored to what an individual needs to meet the criteria to be able to register as a Child Therapist.

I found the Adults training was vital in understanding me, my inner child, looking at process, and building up a transferable skill set to work with and walk by the side of clients. But I am passionate about working with CYP, what a privilege to learn more about what specific therapeutic interventions meet CYP’s emotional needs before they become adults. Learning to work therapeutically with CYP is rewarding and varied, helping them to learn healthy ways to express their emotions and achieve awareness.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your interest further or ask questions about how to make the transition from working only with adults to begin working with CYP as well and/or if you wish to discuss the Post Qualifying Specialist programme.

Warmest Regards – Sara Waldron, CYP Programme lead

Diploma in Counselling Supervision

Due to the successful running of the course this year, we will be running Diploma in Counselling Supervision again from September 2022. If you’re looking to expand your skills into supervising other counsellors, then this could be the course for you. We are in the process of getting it accredited with UKCP so any graduates from this course can join the UKCP register as a supervisor.

Please be quick as we are starting in September and we need to know the numbers as soon as we can.

There is more information at https://ellesmerecentre.co.uk/diploma-in-counselling-supervision/

Provisional dates are available on the page. There will be six days of online training followed by a four-day residential. All led by the always superb Barbara Clarkson. If you’re interested, please get in touch ASAP or fill in the application form on the website.

Essay Writing Workshop

Emma Pooley is running an essay writing workshop for all new students on the 27th September from 6pm to 8pm. While this is primarily for Core Theory Year students, there may be space for Advanced Year 1 students to also attend. The session will also be recorded and uploaded to the website.

Thank you to Emma for running this. We are sure it will be very useful, particularly for those unfamiliar with writing essays. We will send out the invite to Core Theory Year students as soon as possible and communicate any spaces we may have available for others as soon as we can.

Religion and Spirituality Research Survey Invite

Research title: Religion and spirituality in therapy: exploring how trainee and newly qualified counsellors and psychotherapists, who identify as religious or spiritual, experience undertaking therapeutic training in the UK.

My name is Dr. Jane Hunt and I am an experienced therapist, trainer and academic and am currently the
Academic Director in Faculty One at Metanoia Institute. I am conducting research into how trainee and newly qualified counsellors and psychotherapists, who identify as religious or spiritual, experience undertaking therapeutic training in the UK.

To take part in this survey you would need to identify as someone who is religious, spiritual, or a person of faith. You do not need to be a member of a particular religious or faith group. However, you do need to be a current trainee or recent professional counsellor or psychotherapy graduate with no more than five years post qualifying experience. You also need to be on or have graduated from a training course accredited or endorsed by one of the following professional bodies: BACP, UKCP, or BPC and have undertaken a training programme that is at least one year full-time in length or two years part-time which included a minimum of a 100 hours of counselling or psychotherapy with clients.

The survey will ask you to answer questions in four main areas: your experience of talking about
religion/spirituality during your training; any conflicts you experience between your religion/spirituality and therapeutic theory and practice; the extent of training you have received around religion and spirituality on your training programme; and how equipped you feel to work with clients presenting with religious/spiritual concerns.

If you are interested and eligible to take part in this study, please do click on the below survey link. The link will take you to further information about the study before you consent to take part.

Ethical approval for this study has been granted by Metanoia Institutes Ethics Committee.

Accreditation Committee

Would you like to be more involved in ECPT and how we do things?

The Accreditation Committee are looking for new members. We are a small committee who meet three times a year where we discuss and review ECPT accreditation and membership policies and procedures. We are also available to hear any appeals to the accreditation or reaccreditation process. Our meetings are informal and friendly and held remotely. We value all member’s contributions and ideas and would love to hear from you wherever you are in your training journey.

If you would like more information or are interested in joining us, please email me on

Introduction To Counselling Children and Young People

Are you interested in working with children and young people OR about to start your placement working with children and young people?

Then this introductory course may be a good place to start.
The next course starts September 2022

Unit 1:
Saturday 03rd September, 2022:
We will look at:
– Child and adolescent development and transitions
– Communication with young people

Sunday 04th September, 2022:
We will look at:
– Mental health and young people
– Risk assessment

Unit 2:
Saturday 01st October, 2022:
We will look at:
– Ethics and the Rights of the child
– Child protection and safeguarding

Sunday 02nd October, 2022:
We will look at:
– Context: Voluntary / Community settings
– Context: School Counselling
– Beginnings and endings with children and young people

The course content has been developed from BACP’s children and young people training curriculum (see Stage
1). Any questions about the course, please get in contact.
John Bradley, Child and Young People Trainer – counsellingjb@gmail.com

CPD and Workshops

We have a few things going on at the centre in the coming weeks. CPD courses are a good way of making up any lost training time.

Ask your trainer if you’re not sure if a particular workshop would meet course requirements.

Setting Up In Private Practice

If running your own private psychotherapy or counselling practice is an option for you, then you need this one-day workshop with Emma Pooley. It’s on the 24th September at the centre.

Book a place at https://www.tickettailor.com/events/theellesmerecentre/720791

Leading and Facilitating Groups – Gestalt and Body Psychotherapy concepts in action with Carmen Ablack

This is a workshop for practitioners which will focus on ways of working relationally in a group setting by learning about and utilising key concepts from embodied and relational Body Psychotherapy and
contemporary Gestalt Therapy

At Holderness Road, 16th & 17th July 2022, 10am – 4.30pm both days.

Book your place now at: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/theellesmerecentre/661284


– TA101 is going online for August. It’s with Kathie Hostick on Zoom on the 6th & 7th August
and it’s a good option if you’ve not done TA101 by the end of the year and for those who are
further afield. Book a place at https://www.tickettailor.com/events/theellesmerecentre/617275/

– TA101 – September 29th & 30th. This is in-class on a Thursday and Friday with Anita. You can
book a place at https://www.tickettailor.com/events/theellesmerecentre/617274

Conference News

You can learn more about the conference at: https://humbertherapyconference.co.uk/
Nothing much new to report on the upcoming conference except that we have a few more sponsors on board and all plans are as solid as they ever were. All speakers are still speaking and all sponsors still sponsoring – we’re just waiting for October to come around so we can get on with enjoying the day!

If you haven’t bought a ticket yet then please do – you can buy one at

You can follow the news on our……
– Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/HumberTherapyConf
– Twitter – www.twitter.com/humbertherapycf
– Instagram www.Instagram.com/humbertherapyconf

We are looking for sponsorship of the event in whole or in part from businesses who would like to be under the noses of 80 (maybe more!) practising and trainee psychotherapists and counsellors. Our email is info@humbertherapyconference.co.uk – get in touch if you’d like more information about sponsorship.

Therapist directory
We also have an opportunity for individual therapists who offer therapy, supervision, or coaching to have a listing in the official conference handbook’s therapist directory and to be able to have business cards or
leaflets on the table in the welcome area. Please get in touch to learn more about this.

Group Therapy

Shelley Findlay, UKCP Accredited Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, is starting a therapy group in September. The times and dates are yet to be decided but if you’re interested in joining, contact Shelley.

Shelley is a UKCP Accredited Psychotherapeutic Counsellor specialising in Transactional Analysis, and she
works in private practice and for Let’s Talk, Space2BHeard and ReMind. This group is suitable for new students and for those studying towards the diploma in psychotherapeutic counselling. It may not be suitable for those planning on doing the diploma in psychotherapy. Please do check if you are not sure.

Free Online Event on Domestic Violence

Here is some information about a free online event shared by Hull City Council.

Tuesday 12th July from 9.30am to 12.45pm via MS Teams

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