The hotel’s lovely, I’m sat in the grounds now, writing this in the sunshine next to the lake – it’s a hard life here at the TA conference.

The key note speech by Chris Samsa was great, very energetic which was needed after our long journey and buffet lunch.

Chris is a Positive Psychologist and introduced his speech by showing us a You Tube clip about ‘Despondex’, a new miracle drug to help those of a sunny disposition become down.  It was very funny and immediately engaged the audience and gave a flavour of the next hour and a half. It was less of a speech and more of a workshop which certainly kept me more engaged than a straight speech would have.
His explanation of our second brain in our gut was thought provoking. It made me think of Kathie’s strong belief in our gut instinct – those things we find hard to put into words, we just feel that something’s right or wrong. Kathie really trusts her gut. I could maybe do to trust my gut more, finding out it has as many neurons as our brain somehow gives me more permission to! Our stomach and brain are in constant direct communication, more and more research is showing a massive link between them, something which the therapeutic and psychological communities have long suggested but is now being proved and becoming more and more mainstream.

On to the first workshop now