Working with Stuckness in Complex Trauma


Friday 23rd October 2015  10.00 to 16.30 

Facilitator: Dr Jennie Ormerod

Cost £80 (Reduced rates for centre trainees and professional development members)

Working with people who have experienced multiple traumatic events in their life can be challenging. The person is often ‘stuck’ within the trauma they have experienced but the work can also become stuck in the context of the therapeutic relationship. Trauma can shatter people’s basic assumptions and confront them with existential questions about their own identity and meaning in life. Working through this can leave a therapist feeling helpless and stuck at times themselves.

The aims of this workshop are to:

* Enable you to better understand the process through which trauma work can become stuck

* Enable you to explore your own response to stuckness and reflect on its meaning and impact for you as a therapist

* Explore the core themes in trauma and how these might help make sense of stuckness

* Think about case examples in which work has become stuck

* Explore ways to work on stuckness through case discussions

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