Register for Working with Self-Harm


5th Nov 2014, 10.00-4.30, Facilitator: Kathie Hostick TSTA

£80 (Reduced rates for professional development members)

Like many of us in the caring profession I work with clients who self harm. Although to many this is perceived as destructive and life threatening behaviour, for some individuals this is their only way of expressing their internal conflict and distress. 

Self harm is often an indicator that a person has suffered some painful experiences at some time in their life and this is a way of communicating their pain to others. How do we consider understanding, acceptance and tolerance of people who self harm in a system often focused on defendable (or defensive?) practice? 

I invite you to come and explore your experiences of and response to this risky expression of internal conflict. We will Identify ways of managing the conflict and feelings often evoked in us in response to this complex presentation i.e. frustration, concern, inadequacy etc. 

We will also consider appropriate therapeutic techniques and interventions from a Transactional Analysis perspective when working with client’s who self harm.

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