Wednesday 05th April 2017 10am to 430pm

Facilitator: Lynsey Coxall

Cost £70

TA offers a way of understanding what is going on within ourselves, and between ourselves. In this workshop we will apply this thinking to working with children and young people. What might be going on for the young person we are working with? What is their inner experience? How can we best help them understand themselves? We can also use TA to explore what is going on in social groups, in the classroom and family.
This workshop will look at:

  • Applying TA concepts to working with children, including ego states, strokes, games
  • Identifying ‘problem’ behaviours and thinking about these from a TA perspective – why might this child be behaving in this way? What might they be telling us?
  • Strategies to facilitate self-esteem – in the young person and in ourselves!
  • Exploring the ‘I’m ok-you’re ok’ model within the school setting
  • There will be opportunities to discuss case examples

This workshop would be useful for anyone who works with children and young people, or has interest in this area.

Lynsey Coxall.  Lynsey is a Certified Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist and Clinical Psychologist.  She has worked for 16 years within mental health settings, including the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service.

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