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Course date now confirmed!
29th June 10.00-4.30
Facilitator: Melanie Lewin TSTA

Fee £80

Body Psychotherapy – A Somatic and Psychological Approach
30th 31st Aug 2014

Facilitators: Sean Doherty

Cost £140  (Reduced rates for professional development members)

The workshop will have a mixture of teaching components and practical exercises aimed at developing somatic awareness of our self. These exercises can be seen as mind to body and as body to mind. Where appropriate interactive processes working with another person will be offered.

It is a fundamental base of the workshop that while each exercise has the potential to be educational and supportive each exercise has the potential to be deeply challenging and nobody will be pressured to do more than they feel ready to explore. Having acknowledged the importance of safety, pacing and choice in the workshop I would also like to acknowledge the creativity and fun that can be had in integrating our somatic skills within our cognitive and structural therapeutic skills.

An old therapeutic dictum saw therapy as a process of “making the unconscious, conscious”. This is still a useful approach with the possible limitation that it tends to imply that the unconscious is only dark wounded and probably dangerous. It is my belief, based on many years of therapeutic practise, that there is also a rich set of resources in our unconscious and therapy and somatic experience can actualise these resources: thus creating empowerment for ourselves as human beings and as therapists.

This can be extrapolated into not only working with our blocks and scripts but going beyond into modes of being where our senses of ourselves and of the other are extended and we find ourselves with more rhythm, depth and facility as a therapist. Here the unconscious being made conscious contributes to skills in attunement and resonance and helps develop intuition and the groundedness to use it well  in our practice.

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