We are half way through the academic training year and things are really motoring. As ever, this training experience is a challenging and stimulating process for all involved. It is especially wonderful for me as a trainer to observe the exciting, although not always easy transition I see the trainees go through on this journey.

The foundation year of 7 members are really getting to grips with Transactional Analysis and becoming familiar with how it applies to their everyday lives and situations and we frequently hear comments such as “this is why I chose TA” or “it is all making sense to me now, why I do that”. Obviously everyone’s journey is personal and very much individual and yet they can relate to each other and use TA theory as a common language to share thoughts, feelings and ideas.

The advanced training group are bigger in numbers (although still a manageable size of 12) as this incorporates years 2,3 and 4. Whilst there is at times an evident difference in levels of skill, knowledge and experience everyone brings something valuable and the longer serving trainees learn as much albeit different from their less experienced peers as they, the ‘younger’ members learn from the ‘older’ trainees. The theory has been a challenge for everyone as we have had more of a relational focus this year looking at such things as Deconfusion, Erskine and integrative psychotherapy, Winnicott, Bollas, body psychotherapy and TA, the unconscious, therapeutic failures, Family constellations and more.

There is a lovely community feel as usual at the centre but this has been a bigger achievement due to losing Louise our administrator and centre manager of 8 years. Louise was a very committed and passionate staff member and we will miss her tremendously. We are however all investing and pulling together and everyone has been very patient whilst we find the right person for the job.

The TA conference is approaching and we have a number of trainees attending so I am sure there will be lot’s to share very soon.