Understanding Personality Depth using Myers Briggs


Saturday 14th March 2015  10.00 to 16.30 

Facilitator: Danny Singleton, Growforward Coaching. Myers Briggs Certified Practitioner.    

Cost £95 (professional development discount not available)

Myers-Briggs ® offers a framework for understanding the ways you naturally live, work, play and relate to others.

It is a psychometric model that brings a practical application to Jung’s theory of psychological types and is grounded in over half a century of research.

Internationally-trusted, the MBTI® model has been used by millions worldwide.    

Your individual MBTI® profile emphasises the value, gifts and potential of your unique personality type; highlights its blind spots and suggests new directions for development. Knowing more clearly how you tick and apply the insights gained can enrich and enhance:

       Your work – in a team or on your own

       Your relationships – communication and dealing with differences

       Your well-being – personal maintenance and managing stress

       Your growth – life-direction and career

Prior to the workshop, you will complete the online Myers Briggs assessment online which will then be used on the workshop to help you determine your Myers Briggs Best Fit Profile.

We will spend the day looking at the facets of Myers Briggs and going beyond the four letters of your Myers Briggs code. We will also look at some practical applications.

You will learn how to look for and read type in others, which will enable you to foster better relationships and gain keener insights into others’ thought processes.

As part of the workshop you will also receive a 16 page report about your Myers Briggs type to take away, and you will also receive an electronic copy of the book “Introduction to Type”.

The workshop costs £70, and a charge of £25 is also made for administration of the MBTI questionnaire.

Workshop Facilitator : Danny Singleton, Growforward Coaching. Myers Briggs Certified Practitioner.

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