In the UK our professional membership organisation for TA is The United Kingdom Association for Transactional Analysis. Their website can be found


Until 2013 UKATA was known
as the Institute of Transactional Analysis, or ITA, and this naming is still
sometimes seen on older documents.

UKATA sets standards of
competence and ethical practice for Transactional Analysts in the four ‘fields’
of TA – Psychotherapy, Counselling, Educational and Organisational. These
standards include the training of Transactional Analysts at UKATA Registered
Training Establishments such as The Ellesmere Centre.

UKATA is affiliated to the
European Association for Transactional Analysis (
EATA) whose website is at http://www.eatanews.org/ .

UKATA is also a member
organisation of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (
UKCP, www.psychotherapy.org.uk) and so
psychotherapy training at The Ellesmere Centre leads to registration as a
psychotherapist with UKCP.

UKATA’s objective is to
educate the public about the study, theory and practice of TA in accordance
with recognised standards of professional competence.

Members of UKATA elect a
council which is governed by a board of directors. It is registered as a
charity and as a company.

Contact details for UKATA

Suite 3, Broadway House,
149-151 St Neots Road, Hardwick, Cambridge, CB23 7QJ

Tel: 01954 212468

Email: admin@uktransactionalanalysis.co.uk