The objectives of the Training Standards Committee are to:

Liaise with the ECPT accreditation coordinator.

Develop and maintain Standards of Education and Training (SET’s) for ECPT in accordance with UKCP SET’s.

Oversee processes for Ellesmere Centre and affiliation to UKCP, including affiliation visits

Oversee processes of course and programme accreditation, re- accreditation and UKCP Assessment and quinquennial review

Assist academics in planning new courses, and give assistance in the validation and accreditation of new courses

Assist ECPT and when relevant UKCP in the validation and audit of existing courses

Promote a culture that fosters and values high standards of

education, training and practice

Develop an academic and research base for psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic counselling.

Ensure all collation of data and promotional material complies with GDPR standards and procedures.

Ensure that training programmes recognise the existence of different psychotherapies, based on different theories, and that they should promote respectful understanding of such differences and similarities between theories

Ensure that training programmes are theoretically formed and practice based

Ensure that training courses are related to clinical work in occupational settings

Ensure that training programmes provide transparency and accountability in their assessment processes.

Ensure that training programmes operate within an ethical, equal opportunities and diversity framework.

Encourage open communication and ensure processes in place to respond to feedback and between committees.