The journey offered by TA Psychotherapy Training at The
Ellesmere Centre is very personal and often challenging for trainees. This page
offers some comments made by current and recent trainees.

The first year of training is known as the Foundation Year
and this is where the TA theories and models introduced in TA101 are explored
in more depth.

“Inspiring, thought-provoking, challenging and fascinating… it has become a
significant part of my life”.

“Learning about TA has been personally enriching, challenging, fun and always intriguing.  The Ellesmere centre provides a safe, knowledgeable and open learning environment, with real opportunities to get a feel for what it will be like practicing in the ‘real world’.”

“I have a clear progression route to follow with my learning and development…”

The Second Year of training often coincides with trainees seeking client work in a voluntary setting if their work setting does not already provide this opportunity. Placements require ongoing supervision. Many trainees seek out one of the groups run by supervisors at The Ellesmere Centre.
Others choose individual supervision.

“Beginning in voluntary practice was an enormous milestone…”

“Visiting trainers bring a wealth of experience and  knowledge and were a source of calibration and modelling…”

 Personal Therapy is a requisite for those working towards
registration with UKCP. Again, many trainees seek out one of the therapy groups
organised at The Ellesmere Centre whilst others choose one-to-one therapy. Many
trainees choose a range of personal therapy options over their period of
training. The Third and Fourth Years of training continue this experience.

 “As my 3rd year of
training unfolded I became aware of how ‘process’ , both my own and the group’s,
was becoming central to my training experience. Theory remained important, and
the assignments demanded it. But here was a chance to explore relationships as
they were happening, in the room.”

Training weekends, written work, client work, supervision and therapy all
demand planning for time, financial and other resources. These challenges are
frequently shared in the groups, as are the solutions which emerge.

“…pressures of other
commitments as well as the commitment of 10 weekends, 2 essays and a

And trainees also invest a lot of themselves in this process. Many attend UKATA Annual Conference and
continue meeting at the Ellesmere Centre in Exam Preparation Groups as they
prepare for the CTA Examination Process.