Welcome to the ECPT Student Support Team

We would like to welcome all new and continuing students back to ECPT and to introduce you to your student support team. Student welfare is a key priority for ECPT and we are here to support you throughout your student journey.

Counselling and psychotherapy training can be a challenging and daunting experience both personally and academically and we are on hand to help you with this journey. We have all studied at ECPT so have first hand experience of the process and the challenges that you may face during your training.

We are here to help you with this journey and anything that you feel you need support with. This could be from an academic perspective or personally.  This is a unique training experience and talking things through with someone who has “been there” can really help. No question is “stupid” or issue too “trivial”. These can be technical issues relating to the course, essays, paperwork etc, or relationships with peers, trainers, supervisors or on more personal issues.

Whatever it is we are all here to help and support you throughout your training whenever you need it, please look out for us at the centre and we look forward to being part of your journey and if you require support, please email studentsupport@ellesmerecentre.uk and one of us will contact you.

Mary Perry

I trained at ECPT and found the experience daunting, challenging and life-changing. I don’t think I would have got through without support and believe the availability of support to be invaluable for both a quick fix and something more sustained as the need arises.

I have been working with Valued Minds for the last four years and am currently the Assessment Officer. Until recently this role included offering support, both practical and emotional, for trainees who were doing their placement with Valued Minds. I loved the role and being part of their journey. It is lovely to see people develop and grow. I am happy to be there for you; for a two minute chat or something more in-depth.

Kate Woods

My training journey was both exciting and daunting. I loved the learning but the idea of writing an essay was un-nerving as I hadn’t written an essay since leaving school. It helped that I like to write, I just didn’t know where to start. I found it so useful to have pastoral support, knowing that I could talk through my difficulties and receive the guidance that I needed.

The welfare of students is paramount to ECPT and the ethos that it promotes. Since qualifying I now work for Space2BHeard and in private practice. I wholly look forward to supporting students on this emotional and exciting journey

Jo Gibson

I completed my training in 2021 and was keen to be part of the student support team as I know first hand how challenging the training journey can be.

I wasn’t really prepared for the intensity of the training and the transition from the Foundation Year to the first year advanced year. I felt quite overwhelmed with starting my placement, supervision, personal therapy, and the academic aspects of the course. Having someone to talk to about this would have helped to normalise my experience and help me to put everything into perspective.

I am also part of the ECPT Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee and I look forward to supporting you on your exciting journey with ECPT.