I’m pretty excited about the new newsletter software we are using.

Since 2005 we have had regular contact with over 500 people. These are people who have attended training, used our rooms, worked in partnership with us or provided us with services.

The new list software (I’ll plug it as it is free) Mailchimp has allowed us to give people the option of staying in touch or opting out. The last thing we want to do is send spam emails to people who for whatever reason no longer wish to receive our information. Hopefully this means that the information we send out will stay fresh and relevant to those receiving it. We don’t intend to overload people’s already bursting inboxes but will keep you informed of important news.

If you have already read the first email please forgive my typo which refers to making contact in 20123. I am optimistic that the centre will continue to thrive but that far in the future is a bit too optimistic! That’s what happens when you send messages when you should be asleep!

If you haven’t yet seen it, when you do, please take a couple of minutes to update your preferences so that we have your most current contact details.

Speak soon,