Mindfulness for Professionals


Facilitator: Mark Head

21st November 2014

10.00 to 16.30     

Cost £80 (Reduced rates for centre trainees and professional development members)

Why Professionals would find this one day beneficial
Mindfulness is a rapidly growing in the field of Mental Health, now used within the NHS as a treatment for the prevention of relapse with patients with depression. However, mindfulness is not just useful to our clients but also can aid in our own practice. Mindfulness not only reduces stress and improves physical well-being, but also there is evidence that it affects the areas of the brain that are associated with capacities valued within therapy.  These include capacities such as empathy, attunement, intuition, and affect regulation. Having a mindful practice therefore may well be not just a good way of managing our self-care, but actually developing our capacity to relate to and work with others.

What the day course hoping to achieve, its aims

  • To provide an understanding of what mindfulness actually is.
  • To provide participants with an experience of mindfulness practice.
  • To explain how mindfulness has developed to the point where it is used in the treatment of stress and depression.
  • To understand how mindfulness helps manage our physiological stress response.
  • To offer an overview of how mindfulness impacts on the brain, and the implications of these findings

Areas/topics to be covered on the day

  • What is mindfulness?
  • Mindfulness in the helping professions
  • Mindfulness and the stress response
  • Mindfulness and the brain
  • The implications of neuroscience and mindfulness

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