These resources have been compiled by members of HIPC Training Standards Committee 2020

Acknowledgment to BCPC, Karuna, Minster Centre and Northern Guild for sharing their resources

MH Familiarisation Resources Suggestions

To support you in completing the experiential learning the following pointers to material are provided. These are intended as starting points, there are many other resources you will be able to locate yourselves.

Reading list / learning materials

Atwood, G. E. (2011) The Abyss of Madness – New York & London, Routledge
Laing R. D. (2010) The Divided Self – Penguin Classics
Leader D, (2011) What is madness? – Hamish Hamilton
Lemma, A (1996) Introduction to Psychopathology  – UCL, London: Sage
Lemma, A. & Patrick, M. (2010) Off the Couch: Contemporary Psychoanalytic Applications – London: Routledge
Rapley, M et al, (2011) De-medicalizing Misery: Psychiatry, Psychology, and the human condition – Palgrave Macmillan UK
Scott, T. (2003) Integrative Psychotherapy in Healthcare; A Humanistic Approach – Palgrave Macmillan UK
Szasz T (2010) The Myth of Mental Illness (50th anniversary edition. First published 1960) – London: Harper Collins
Prof Romme, M Dr.Escher, S, Dillon. Dr.Corsets, D Prof Morris, M
(2009) Living with Voices; 50 stories of Recovery – Ross on Wye: PCCS Books
Webb, D (2010) Thinking about Suicide: contemplating and comprehending the urge to die – Ross on Wye: PCCS Books
Filer, N. (2019) The Heartland London: Faber
Beck, A. Naz, S. Brooks, M. and Jankowska, M. (2019) Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Service User Positive Practice Guide. 
Grant, A; Biley, F; & Walker, H. (Eds). (2011) Our Encounters with Madness. – Hertfordshire: PCSS Books.
Russell, J. & Sweeney, A. (Eds). (2016) Searching for a Rose Garden -Hertfordshire: PCCS Books.

Sanghera, S. (2009) ‘The Boy with the Topknot’ London: Penguin Books
Filer, N. (2014) ‘The Shock of the Fall’ London: The Borough Press
O’Farrell, M. (2013) ‘The Vanishing Act of Esmé Lennox’ London: Tinder Press, Hachette UK
O-Farrell, M. (2016) ‘The Hand that First Held Mine’ London: Tinder Press, Hachette UK, London
Haddon, M (2016). ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night–Time’ London: Vintage, Penguin Books
Honeyman, G. (2017) ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ London: HarperCollins UK
Plath, S. (2005) ‘The Bell Jar’ London: Faber and Faber (first published 1963 London: William Heinemann)

Westover, T. (2018) ‘Educated’ London: Windmill, Penguin Books
Winterson, J. (2012) ‘Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal’ London: Vintage, Penguin Books
Bailey, L. (2018) ‘Because We Are Bad – OCD and A Girl Lost in Thought’ Surrey: Canbury Press
Taylor, B. (2015) ‘The Last Asylum’ London: Penguin Books
Ferguson, S. (1988) ‘A Guard Within’ New York: Pantheon Books, Knopf Doubleday
Jamison Redfield, K. (2015) ‘An Unquiet Mind’ London: Picador, Pan Macmillan (first published 1995)
Limburg, J. (2010) ‘The Woman Who Thought Too Much: A Memoir’ London: Atlantic Books

Family Life – Ken Loach (Family Systems and Mental Health)
Sybil – Dr. Daniel Petrie (Dissociative Identity Disorder)
David and Lisa – Dir. Frank Perry (Psychosis and relationship)
A Beautiful Mind – Dir. Ron Howard (Schizophrenia)
He Loves Me… He Loves Me Not – Dir. Laetitia Colombani (Erotomania)
Girl, Interrupted – Dir. James Mangold (BPD)

R D Laing’s Asylum – Dir. Peter Robinson (footage of Laing’s unorthodox treatment of patients)
Louis Theroux’s Talking to Anorexia – BBC
David Harewood’s Psychosis and me – BBC

Videos, documentaries, etc.
BEDLAM, a documentary filmed the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust (SLAM)
Episode 1 – Anxiety:
Episode 2 – Crisis:
Episode 3 – Psychosis:
Episode 4 – Breakdown:

A guide to mental health services in the UK

Anxiety UK

Bipolar UK

Bipolar Foundation (Equilibrium)

Depression UK

Mental health foundation – user friendly publications & resource for people with mental health difficulties.

Mind – user friendly information on mental health difficulties, medication and legal rights, resource for those with mental health difficulties.

Rethink – user friendly information on mental health difficulties, medication and legal rights, resource for those with mental health difficulties.

Schizophrenia Association

Stories of recovery & personal experiences

YouTube – people recounting their experiences

Time to change – ending mental health discrimination – personal stories includes list of helpful organisations: SLAM social media and film archive Documentary using audio reconstruction to take viewers into the world of three people who hear voices as a result of mental illness. The Hearing Voices Network. (HVN) website – videos and accounts of personal experiences of hearing voices. The HVN point out that a growing body of testimonial, clinical and research evidence shows that hearing voices is a diverse experience that is not necessarily linked to illness. Voices and visions are personally meaningful experiences that happen in the context of people’s lives. This context can include spiritual practice or religion, culture, traumatic life experiences, social injustice, physical illness and/or other difficulties. Our lives are not always easy, and living with voices can be very difficult too. Whatever the origin of someone’s voices or visions, the relationship they have with them is key. Voices or visions that frighten or overwhelm us are harder to deal with than those that we simply find a little annoying, or even enjoy listening to. With help, people can find some new ways of relating to and dealing with difficult experiences and with their voices.

See also The International Hearing Voices Network Youtube channel. Channel 4 Ways to change the world interviews David Harewood interviewed by Krishnan Guru Murthy 4 talks about his psychotic breakdown, racism, drugs and his work as an actor. See also and clips from the BBC documentary David Harewood: Psychosis and me including a discussion of the impact of racism on young black men’s mental health. In my mind, living with psychosis. New Zealand documentary with lots of input from people who have experienced psychosis. – Documentary exploring body dysmorphic disorder, a condition which causes people to believe they are extremely ugly, focusing on 29-year-old Liane as she undergoes treatment. A documentary in which Gail Porter, who was one of the UK’s most sought-after female TV presenters tells about her experiences. In the 1990s, she helped sell over a million copies of FHM magazine after her naked image was projected onto the Houses of Parliament. Then over the next 20 years, she suffered post-natal depression, alopecia and was sectioned under the mental health act. In 2014 she even ended up sleeping rough on a park bench. In this documentary Gail travels to her hometown of Edinburgh and talks to friends, relatives and medical professionals about why she experiences such extremes of emotion? Personal exploration of mental health, self harm, anorexia and depression. – Louis Theroux visits specialist psychiatric units which treat mothers experiencing serious mental illness whilst allowing them to live alongside their babies. What’s the matter with Tony Slattery – Horizon documentary in which Tony Slattery explores the roots of his mental health issues. mental health e learning videos for non specialist health staff which provide an insight into the referral pathways and patient experience.

Blogs and personal accounts access to many blogs and podcasts about psychiatry, psychiatrists’ and service users’ experiences The full texts of the articles in this issue are available to download and there are a number of articles directly addressing access to therapy services for BAME and other minority groups, the impact of racism on mental health and access to services, and cultural adaptation of therapy. In My Mind :Living with Psychosis 30 mins Simon Says: Psychosis experiences of psychosis from 3 young people What is psychosis? schizoaffective disordered person interviewing a psychiatrist as he is critical of the lack of forward thinking in terms of treatment After Winter: A real life schizophrenia story – story of a young man and his family during onset of schizophrenia and treatment – Canada 10 mins audio with Elizabeth Kuipers treatment involving transparency and family support. interesting personal experience on race and mental health.

Resources compiled by members of HIPC Training Standards Committee 2020

Acknowledgment to BCPC, Karuna, Minster Centre and Northern Guild for sharing their resources