We have just received some really good feedback on the most recent courses at the Ellesmere Centre.

The CBT with OCD workshop facilitated by Andy Williams was attended by a number of individuals with very varied backgrounds. One attendee appreciated the style of the trainer which she felt contributed to the lively and energised atmosphere whist attending to the serious subject with respect and sensitivity.

The attachment theory workshop facilitated by Louise Mowthorpe was a very different experience of “emotional impact” in response to a mixed day of theoretical content, real life visual material, moving demonstrations and small group participation.

We are in preparation for our TA 101 which is an introduction to Transactional Analysis facilitated by Kathie Hostick. Whether you work in the helping professions, education, any type of organisation or just have an interest in the way our personality develops and the way we interact socially, all aspects of this course will be of interest to you.

The other course I feel really engaged in and intend to be part of is the ‘What counts as relational’ with Mellie Lewin. Mellie is a specialist trainer who is very experienced in this evolving approach and model of psychotherapy. My hope is that this will provide a useful insight into the theory of relational Transactional Analysis and it’s application to practice.

We still have a few places on each of these courses so whether for CPD or personal interest we invite you to join us in what I am sure will be a stimulating and interesting experience.