Managing Director for S2BH

My background before my TA journey was as an Operations Director in a regional construction training company. Having moved on from this career and starting a family I was keen for a new direction in something that motivated me and I could find a
balance with. I joined the Ellesmere Centre in 2013 and completed my four year training, started my own small private practice, alongside setting up ECPT as a provider of the Lets Talk Service in Hull. Almost 3 years on from this point and I am excited to be part of our new Community Interest Company – Space2BHeard (S2BH). It is important for me to be able to work within an organisation that I feel proud of and share a sense of purpose and integrity. I am passionate about Mental Health and helping those that are struggling to access support and options that may help them in their road to recovery and understanding themselves. I feel that at S2BH I have the opportunity to strike a great balance between developing a business and service from a commercial viewpoint whilst channelling all profits back in to our staff and service users.

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