Understanding Shame within the Therapeutic Relationship


20th October 2016

10.00am till 4.30pm

Cost £85 


Shame is a common human reaction. To feel shame is to feel seen in a painfully diminished sense; the self being exposed both to itself and to anyone else present. The acknowledgement of the experience of shame is often avoided and can be a neglected dimension of human experience. Contained in the experience of shame is the awareness that we are deficient in some way as a human being and that this deficiency can never be put right ……. therefore, we have to hide this aspect of ourselves in order to survive.

This workshop will explore shame and uncover the positive aspects of this fundamental human experience and will examine how psychotherapy can possibly provide;

* a reparative and security giving relationship which heals the effects of shame at our very core.

* a space to explore the relevance of shame in our unconscious process.

This workshop will cover:

* What is shame?
* Developmental aspects of shame and identity
* A framework for psychotherapy
* Self care when working with shame
* Reframing shame in the therapeutic journey

This workshop will include self reflective exercises, group discussion and an opportunity for case discussion.

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