by Mike Hostick

Are you at a crossroads in your career, yearning for a path that brings true meaning and fulfilment? Have you ever considered becoming a professional counsellor or psychotherapist, only to be held back by self-doubt or fear of the unknown? Well, let me tell you something – you absolutely could have what it takes! 

As a co-founder of the Ellesmere Counselling and Psychotherapy Training Centre in Hull, I’ve witnessed the transformation of countless trainees from all walks of life. Many of them initially approached us hesitantly, voicing their inner worries and fears. “Am I clever enough for this… I haven’t studied for a long time?” Some wondered if their lack of traditional qualifications would be a barrier to entry, while others asked, “I have a history of mental health difficulties and receiving therapy myself… would that make me unsuitable?” 

It’s only natural to question yourself when contemplating a major career shift but let me reassure you – our courses are carefully designed to welcome people from diverse backgrounds, previous careers, and all stages of life. Your life experiences, no matter how unique, hold immeasurable value in the counselling realm. You see, we believe that the power of transformation lies not just in academic ability, but in the authenticity of your life journey. 

Picture this: A class filled with individuals from caring, engineering, design, teaching, shop assistant, homemaking, fire brigade, hairdressing – all united by a shared passion to make a difference. Our training environment is a supportive tapestry of life stories, woven together in a symphony of growth and understanding. Here, we cultivate your unique qualities and foster a deep sense of empathy, where your own personal journey can provide learning for you and hope for others. 

Now, you might be wondering, “Is this really the right path for me?” Well, let me tell you a secret – there’s no one-size-fits-all “counsellor type.” Our students shatter stereotypes and defy limitations, proving that authenticity and compassion are the true building blocks of a successful counselling or psychotherapy career. 

Imagine yourself stepping into a realm of boundless possibility, where the power of listening and the art of connection become your tools for transformation. As you embark on this journey of self-discovery, you’ll be guided by expert trainers who’ve mastered the art of nurturing potential. Step by step, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to thrive in this deeply rewarding profession. 

So, if you’re seeking a career that brings profound purpose and allows you to touch lives on a profound level, don’t let doubt be your captor. Embrace your unique qualities, join our close-knit and understanding learning community, and unlock the door to a world where compassion reigns and humanity flourishes. 

Some useful information about Ellesmere courses. 

  • Our students have included individuals of all ages, from the above occupations and many more. 
  • The courses run over 10 weekends per year allowing people to continue in their current job while training. 
  • The full training will cost approximately a third of the cost of a UK Batchelor degree. 
  • We are partnered with counselling and psychotherapy services who provide placements and work for many of our students. 
  • Fees can be paid in instalments from the second year. 

We are now exploring finance options for first year students.  

Together, we can make a positive impact, one heartfelt connection at a time. If you are interested or if you still have doubts and want to talk, contact us through the website and come along to an open evening to find out more.