The purpose of the committee is to ensure good ethical and professional standards throughout the Ellesmere Centre for Training and to uphold ‘Best Practice’. This committee will hold account for ethical and professional standards in the organisation.


The committee will keep abreast of current thinking, standards, legal obligations and general standards of ethical practice and will ensure this is both modelled and disseminated to all staff, trainers, trainees, graduates and associates.

The committee will hear any ethical concerns and issues that arise and manage them appropriately.

The committee will process complaints and grievances appropriately and supportively according to policy.

The committee will review ethical standards annually and make adjustments based on legislation and feedback.


The committee is advisory and will make recommendations to the Board of Directors. This committee does not have any financial authority.


Membership comprises of Lesley Ray (Chair), David Linford- Smith. Fran Ruddy and Caroline Wood.

Meeting Arrangements:

The committee will aim to meet bi-monthly for 90 minutes and will meet no less than three times per year.


The committee reports to the ECPT Directors.


The committee has full administration support available to it and use of rooms and facilities as required.


The terms of reference of this committee will be reviewed annually and will be a standing agenda item on the first meeting of the new academic year.