Effective Counselling Skills

Start date – Tuesday 8th September 2015

Weekly between 18:00 and 20.00 GMT

Facilitator: Anita Holland

Course Fee is £180

This six week course is aimed at giving participants an overview of counselling, the skills that differentiate it from other helping relationships and the personal awareness required to be effective in the use of counselling skills.

Each week you will be introduced to a different aspect of counselling and the counselling relationship, time will be allocated for skills practice in small groups and space for personal exploration through creative exercises.

Facilitator: Anita Holland – Anita has been working as an integrative humanistic counsellor for over 13 years and is a qualified Certified Transactional Analyst. For the past 13 years she has worked as a counsellor for the NHS prior to which Anita worked for a charity organisation, as a counsellor for Adult survivors of childhood abuse. She has her own private practice and offers psychotherapy, counselling and supervision.

The course is aimed at providing:

* An introduction for those with no previous experience or training in counselling

* For those in the caring professions wishing to enhance their listening skills

* Psychotherapy trainees wishing to develop their ability to build the therapeutic relationship/alliance

Proposed content
This is an interactive course and involves group discussion and skills practice in small groups. Each week will have three components:

* Some aspect of counselling theory

* Personal exploration

* Listening skills practice

Week 1

* Introductions, contracting, aims and objectives, expectations.

* What counselling is, what it is not and how counselling differs from other helping relationships.

* The Counselling Interview

* Introduction to active listening Skills

* Personal exploration exercise

* Listening exercise – non-verbal responses

Week 2

* Introduction to Berne’s Philosophy & Life Positions

* Introduction to Maslow_Heiracy of needs

* Listening Skills – ABC of attending / Solar

* Personal exploration exercise (object in the box)

* Listening exercise – Paraphrasing

Week 3

* Core conditions necessary for therapeutic change. Empathy, Unconditional Positive Regard, congruence

* Karpman’s Triangle

* Personal exploration exercise

* Listening exercise – empathic responses

Week 4

* Goals for the initial counselling session

* Introduction to DASEY

* Personal Exploration exercise

* Listening exercise – congruence

Week 5

* Brief reflection back to counselling interview

* Brief introduction to PAC model _ linked with group discussion_ prejudices and biases stereotypes.

* Personal exploration exercise

* Open and closed questioning.

* Listening exercise _ open and closed questioning

Week 6

* Ethics, duty of care, data protection, boundaries of confidentiality.

* Blocks to communication

* Introduction to Johari Window

* Personal exploration exercise

* Skills practice

* Endings.

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