Nicole Addis

Training Team Department

Nicole Addis – Trainer (Newcastle)

Nicole Addis is an experienced supervisor, trainer and UKCP registered integrative psychotherapist, who has worked in both private and NHS settings since 2000. She set up Peel Psychological Consultancy, a private counselling and psychotherapy service in 2012 and now runs this business in addition to continuing her private clinical practice, conducting research, and providing supervision and training. Her hope for Peel is to create a centre of excellence where continued professional development can support and offer an environment of inclusivity for practitioners who so often find themselves working in isolation.

Nicole has a special interest in trauma and believes that relational trauma lies at the heart of most psychological distress. During the past several years, Nicole has developed ENGAGE-MENT (EM). EM is based on a ‘two person’ psychotherapy and incorporates teachings from the fields of traumatology, relational psychotherapy, modern day attachment and interpersonal neurobiology. The model has proven to be effective in both short and long term counselling and psychotherapy, where it is being currently rolled out in the NHS, law and industry. This model was recently showcased at the Cumbrian Transactional Analysis Conference in Penrith 2020.

Nicole states (TACC, 2020):

ENGAGE-MENT, is a two- part, integrative framework suitable to short or long-term psychological intervention, that incorporates the fields of trauma, relational psychotherapy, Transactional Analysis and interpersonal neurobiology, promoting, self-awareness, self-resilience and self-satisfaction. 

Held deep within in a relational field and supported by the therapist’s sense of self and their commitment to and understanding of  the intensity and need for an embodied, interrelatedness, that is safe, ENGAGEMENT provides the foundations  for a reparative experience in which the therapist is able to sustain their resilience to and for the client in times of deepest distress, confusion and trauma whilst remaining vulnerable enough to love and brave enough to fear, all that the relationship will bring and survive.”

Nicole’s focus continues to be the promotion of talking therapies. In today’s climate she feels that these therapies need to be based on individual client need, at the heart of which, is support for practitioner well -being, set in a framework for evidence- based practice, that has at its heart a loving presence.

She lives in the country with her family and animals where she balances busy times, enjoying food with friends, dog walks and riding with quieter times alone, reading, writing and pottering.