Here are the details for those who have completed the 6-day ECPT Supervision Diploma pre 2021.

This APL process is open to anyone who has completed the original 6-day ECPT Supervision Diploma within 3 years of the year of APL (i.e. to apply for the 2022 APL cycle, your previous training must have taken place since Autumn 2019).

In order to meet the supervision training requirements set by UKCP and ultimately be entered onto the Directory of Recognised Supervisors held by UKCP, the following additional elements must be completed:

  • 4 training days, including topics such as the gatekeeping role of the supervisor, online working, working in the vulnerability of supervision, further consideration of parallel process and other transference phenomena. These days will include a 30 minute presentation on a specialist supervision topic of your choice.
  • Written assignments from the Diploma must be passed (1 transcript, 1 essay on supervision philosophy, 1 case study).
  • Evidence should be submitted to show that you have completed a minimum of 24 hours of supervision practice, supervised at a ratio of 1 hour supervision of supervision, to every 6 hours of supervision delivered. You must have an ongoing supervision practice whilst completing the additional training requirements.

UKCP also requires evidence of:

  • A counselling/psychotherapy qualification at a recognised standard (UKCP registered, BACP Accredited etc)
  • Good standing in the profession

This would be provided through submitting a copy of your qualification plus a letter from your clinical supervisor.

Course details

ECPT will run one 4-day APL workshop per year if there is sufficient demand. This will take place over 4 consecutive weekdays at their centre in Hull (non-residential).

  • Course Cost – £495 (4-days classroom)
  • Marking fee – £195 (for marking of all work as required)
  • Run by Barbara Clarkson, Supervision Diploma Trainer, ECPT