We are excited to announce that from October 2022, our UKCP Accredited Diploma in Integrative and Transactional Analysis Psychotherapeutic Counselling will be available in the North-East of England, thank you to our friends at Peel Psychological Consultancy. We are now taking applications to join us for the Core Theory Year of this established and accredited 3-year part-time course.

Nicole Addis (MSc Int Psych) and the team at Peel Psychological Consultancy have been providing counselling and psychotherapy for individuals and groups, supervision and courses for mental health professionals, and consultancy to businesses for over a decade. Teaming up with ECPT to be able to deliver the established 3-year Psychotherapeutic Counselling course has been a natural step for all involved.

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The course will be delivered at Peel’s centre on High Street, Gosforth on weekends from October through to July. It’s the exact same course we’ve been running at our Hull centre for many years, comprising one weekend a month for ten months, and a mix of classroom learning, personal therapy experience, and clinical practice hours.

There is more information about Peel and the training they offer at : https://www.peeluk.com/

You can learn more about our three-year psychotherapeutic counselling training at: https://ellesmerecentre.co.uk/counselling-training/

We had a talk with Nicole Addis about her and Peel Psychological Consultancy and our partnership with ECPT…..

Nicole, tell me a little about you and how Peel Psychological Services came to be…

After completing my Master’s in Integrative Psychotherapy and having worked for some time as a psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor, I felt it was time to embrace a new challenge and open up my own centre. The idea behind PEEL was channelled by my growing interest in trauma and a wish to integrate new scientific findings with the more traditional psychotherapy teachings. And it has always been my passion to one day to bring high quality, affordable training to the North East.

So, why are you excited to be involved with ECPT’s expansion plans?

My relationship with ECPT and its founder Kathie Hostick goes back to when I was in my second year of training and Kathie was my tutor. Then, as of now, I have admired Kathie’s commitment to delivering the highest standard of training. The support of the student is in my opinion second to none and is held within a truly transparent and autonomous relationship. Her ongoing drive for equality and diversity is evident in the financial structure of the course, allowing for a wider socio-demographic student intake. Working in collaboration with ECPT is an honour and helps PEEL and myself to bring that level of training home.

What are you most looking forward to with delivering the 3-year counselling course?

Being with the students. To have the opportunity to share with others my knowledge, experience and to be part of someone’s unique journey into this profession, is so exciting and gratifying.


Here are some testimonials from our 2022/2023 Core Theory Year

“I have learnt so much with Peel already! The course is expertly led; the environment is safe and positive; and the training is interactive and engaging.” – Dom

“I am really enjoying the core theory year in Transactional Analysis at PEEL in conjunction with the Ellesmere Centre. Nicole is an excellent teacher with so much knowledge to impart as well as 20 years of therapeutic experience. I have learned so much already and am looking forward to learning more.” – Linda

“I would highly recommend PEEL and the Ellesmere Centre for anyone looking to complete a psychotherapeutic counselling course. I have only completed half of my core theory year and already feel I have a grounding of knowledge to support my practice and ability to reflect on my own therapy. The course is delivered by skilled and experienced therapists. The content is highly engaging and utilises practical approaches to support theory. I am thoroughly enjoying my time on the course so far and am excited for the rest of my journey.” – Bethany