Compassion Fatigue Workshop


Friday 20th February 2015  10.00 to 16.30 

Facilitator: Dr Jennie Ormerod,

Cost £80 (Reduced rates for centre trainees and professional development members)

‘Compassion fatigue’ is a term used to describe the emotional impact of engaging with people in distress. It explains the way that we can be changed and affected by empathising with others who have experienced stressful life events. Compassion fatigue is different from stress or burnout and is often a subtle process that can go unrecognised in therapists but over time can have a significant often detrimental impact. This workshop is very much about creating a space for workers to reflect on themselves and develop strategies to be able to continue their work as effectively as possible in the future.

Aims of the workshop:

* Provide an understanding of what compassion fatigue actually is.

* Provide you with an opportunity to see whether you are experiencing compassion fatigue.

* To share the impact of your work on yourself with others.

* To provide an understanding of why working with people in distress has an impact on us at a physiological level.

* To provide ways to both prevent and transform the effects of compassion fatigue in your work.

* To enable you to provide your own self-care plan for the future.

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