Accreditation & Membership Committee

Terms of Reference


The purpose of the Accreditation & Membership Committee is to ensure the accreditation process is robust and fair and that all members of ECPT are supported in their membership.  This committee will hold account for the accreditation process in the organisation.   


The committee will hear any appeals to the accreditation process against set criteria and

respond appropriately and supportively within agreed timeframes.

The committee will also monitor the membership of ECPT to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

The committee will collect and review data around the accreditation process.

The committee will review relevant policies and procedures in line with ECPT policy review schedule to ensure they remain fit for purpose and make adjustments based on UKCP/HIPC/PCIPC updates and feedback from members.


The committee is advisory and will make recommendations to the Training & Standards Committee and the Directors of ECPT. This committee does not have any financial authority.


Membership comprises of:

  • Cherry Robson (Chair)
  • Gill Blyth
  • Carl Jones

Membership and Number of Committee Members

The Accreditation & Membership Committee will have a Chairperson who will have been voted for at the AGM.  A minimum of 3 people, including the chair, will need to be present for the committee to exist.  However, meetings may run with fewer people present at the discretion of the Chair. There is no specified maximum number of members for any committee. A minimum of 3 people are required to make key decisions or recommendations.

Length of Committee Members Service

Committee membership is voluntary for a minimum term of one year, with the exception of the extraordinary committees.  All members, including the Chair, shall agree to remain on the committee or state their intention to resign for the AGM.  A review of all committee members, including the Chair, will take place every three years as a minimum. The review will be within the committee meetings.

Meeting Arrangements:

The committee will meet for no less than one hour three times per year. The Chair will write a report and meet annually at the AGM with other committee chairs and ECPT Directors to discuss the committee’s findings.


The committee reports to the Training & Standards Committee and the Directors of ECPT.


The committee has full administration support available to it and use of rooms and facilities

as required.


The terms of reference of this committee will be reviewed annually and will be a standing agenda item on the first meeting of the new academic year.

Terms of Reference agreed:  08.11.21

Review Date: Autumn Term 2022